A few steps to obtain transparent information about the winner. Modern application for automatic counting of votes at InfoShare Startup Zone

Dodano: Cze 17 2015 Autor: Personal PR

In addition to interesting solutions from the world of science, technology and entertainment within the space for startups created by STARTER at InfoShare, the largest conference on technology, new media and start-ups in the region of Central and Eastern Europe, the event dedicated mobile application „InfoShare 2015 StartupZone” played a significant role, allowing the jury and the audience to anonymously cast their vote for the best startups in their opinion in a few seconds. The applied technology made it possible to forget about the traditional meaning of the word „debating” and to introduce quality guaranteeing fast and reliable identification of Startup Contest winners.

What did the the vote look like? Each of the individually registered members of the jury assessed each project according to 3 criteria (business model, business potential and team) on a scale of 0-10 points. The first to use the application were the 15 members of the jury during the semi-finals of Startup Contest organized on the eve of the conference, on Wednesday, June 10, in STARTER.

Final results generated on the basis of the jury votes.

– Thanks to modern applications the vote went extremely smoothly. After the final presentation, the judges went to the deliberations, during which, thanks to the votes gathered in real-time, the jury was simply presented with the final results in the form of a ranking list. In addition, to ensure fair play, the average of points scored (and not the sum) was calculated to take account of people who actually voted for the project (people who indicated a zero in each of the criteria for the project were considered as not voting). It finally ensured objective result, so that we could easily, quickly, and based on undoubted data, indicate the best five – says Agnieszka Meller from STARTER.

In addition to the five startups indicated by the jury, two places remained in the final. These two startups were selected by the public.

– Votes of the participants, among whom there were investors, experts and business people were equally important to us. Therefore, just like last year, we decided that the audience will play the jury and invest virtually up to 50 000 Euro indicating two startups that will get to the finals, i.e. will gain two wild cards – adds Małgorzata Jasnoch, President of the Board in STARTER.

Results of playing the investor were shown between lectures and 90-second startups speeches. Finally they presented as follows:

Eventually the finals included seven startups that presented themselves on the main stage of InfoShare on Friday, June 12th. That day the jury, just like during the semi-finals, had at their disposal a separate module of the application, which allowed to quickly obtain the final ranking list.

Ranking of finalists.

– We applied the same rules in the finals, as in the semi-finals. There was no collection of cards, manual counting of points, and thereby we eliminated the human factor, which is the most significant error risk factor when there are 16 judges and 3 criteria to be counted. What is important, as before, we gave the right to vote in selecting the finalist also to the public, but of course the final decision as to the winner of Startup Contest was up to the jury of experts. Interestingly, like last year, the audience of InfoShare had an „investor’s nose” because their choice of the best startup was the same as the choice of the jury, RoomAution.com – says Małgorzata Jasnoch.

How do organizers evaluate the course of events and vote?

– InfoShare is one of the largest events of its kind in Europe. This year’s festival was attended by 4,000 participants, which causes that it is necessary to use inventions of modern techniques that allow to obtain a clear result faster, also for such elements as the jury’s voting– says Agnieszka Meller. – We are pleased that our tool has proven to be 100 percent effective. This ensures us that the results we have indicated are objective and unquestionable, and this is the most important thing in the fight for such significant amounts of money as 20 000 Euro, which was the main prize. We hope that the next edition of infoShare Startup Zone organized by STARTER will bring further interesting solutions to facilitate the work of the organizers.