The 20 best innovative startups will fight for few hundred thousand PLN! First stage of recruitment to Starter Rocket completed!

Dodano: Lis 25 2015 Autor: Personal PR

Gdańsk Business Incubator STARTER selected 20 innovative startups qualified for the first stage of recruitment to Starter Rocket acceleration program. The lucky ones will participate in so-called Preparation Camp in Gdańsk in January 2016 – the preliminary meeting which will include also trainings that will let them develop their business ideas. Finally maximally 7 companies will be chosen for the acceleration program and will fight for, among others, a chance to gain even 980 thousand PLN.

Starter Rocket

  1. .Ink
    Reservation manager and reservation system for small and medium-sized accommodation facilities.
  2. Abyss Glass
    Interactive mirrors allowing to see your reflection and the content in the same time as a new advertising medium.
  3. arHOME
    A software designed for mobile devices which utilizes Augmented Reality technology for displaying virtual objects in real environment.
  4. CheckTech
    Software solution to help HR departments and recruiters to verify candidate’s skills and knowledge of particular software tools in natural work environment.
  5. Claim It
    System supporting business’s travel expense processing.
  6. Detoxed Home
    Multidisciplinary platform which helps individuals to evaluate their exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDC) at home.
  7. DiabetesLab
    Web platform and mobile app analyze health-related data to provide advice on managing diabetes better for active people living with insulin-dependent diabetes.
  8. EduCompass
    Application which helps to find and select optimal school for your beloved kid.
  9. Five App
    Lifestyle app for sending simple hand signs to help anyone who is deaf or hearing impaired to communicate around the globe.
    A tourist community which offers a system of routes, created by other travellers, adjusted to your personality.
  11. Goforsport
    A software for managing sport facilities to increase bookings and level of communication with customers.
  12. HospiCare
    Mobile application to streamline daily work with patients from children’s home hospices in Poland.
  13. Huntly
    IOT &mobile platform that change routine sponsor’s desks on an event into quests that are part of a big game.
  14. iNeoSyte
    A mobile application that helps construction professionals in making construction daily reports in fast and easy way.
  15. iWisher
    Application to allow users to share their „iWishes” and collect money for desired gifts.
  16. OneWayBag
    Solution for one way luggage carrying to avoid a /big/ bag for both ways for customers’ comfort.
  17. ScoutyUp
    Educational platform which change classroom lessons into an outside game in natural environment.
  18. SmartScreen
    Smartscreen device and software to allow displaying and quickly changing any information content on monitors and screens placed in the public space.
  19. TagToSell.It
    A multi-site platform connecting business to consumers with a help of bloggers.
  20. visit portal – reservation made simple
    Appointment booking service for small business owners which lead to business growth and customers satisfaction.

Congratulations and see you on the Preparation Camp!

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